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Trained the manufacturing team on quality standards, packaging specifications, and customer approved artwork. When working in a field where precision is important, such as engineering, an individual must have strong attention to detail. Collaborated with Quality Engineers to identify supplier trends by analyzing First Pass Yield, Rolled Throughput Yield and Reject/Scrap rate data. In the event products are substandard, this knowledge will also allow you to pinpoint where in the process the problem originated. Monitored job quality throughout production runs with statistical process controls on all press and part parameters. Administered a statistical process control plan at a supplier and reduced defects. Managed supplier performance data and strategic communication both internally and externally via scorecards, commodity reviews, management review meetings. Collaborated in setting quality improvement goals and implementing Lean Manufacturing approaches for process improvements. You can also use the same template for a Quality Control Engineer job description. Received and reviewed supplier production quality plans. For example, 12.6% of Supplier Quality Engineer resumes contained Supplier Performance as a skill. Managed a team of six Supplier Quality Engineers and FA Repair/Inspection Engineers. Managed the Strategic Sourcing Department for 4 Business Units at Schlage Lock responsible for $300 Million in purchased goods annually. No matter what field of engineering you are working in, it is likely that you will be required to use computers to do your job effectively. Engineers excel at solving problems, but developing soft skills to enhance careers isn't always a top priority. Analyzed, reviewed and verified product data through statistical process control (SPC) analysis. The skills listed in your quality engineering resume will largely depend on your particular industry and job offer. If you don’t have direct experience in the field, assess which of your skills are most relevant and highlight them in your prior engineering positions. Prepared and presented Supplier Quality Metrics in Quality Management Reviews for Government customers. Reviewed supplier's control plans, process flow diagrams, FMEA's and SPC data. Participated in a DFMEA to re-design the truck cab. assemblies). Achieved ultimate goal of improving supplier quality and enabled implementation of a fully FDA compliant JIT Manufacturing Program. Ensured Tier 1 supplier quality standards in the automotive industry are met. Developed a Material Review Board and Supplier Control database. The ideal skill set for someone moving into a quality engineering role includes: Analytical skills – need to be able to spot problems quickly and find the underlying causes so changes can be made; Critical thinking – once problems are identified, solutions and improvements must be found. Reviewed manufacturing data to confirm process capability with SPC and Six Sigma methodology. Defined and maintained SPC characteristic database for customer requirements. A large part of an engineer’s job is assessing a situation, identifying problems and then finding solutions. Assisted in development of Action Plans for strategic sourcing of product based on corporate strategic process. Managed and monitored the NPI projects for Solectron, Singapore. Managed FAI (First Article Inspection) Process to ensure compliance to TFS requirements. In addition to the skills section of your resume, your prior work experience is a great opportunity to showcase your skills. Established, developed, maintained and revised Quality standards. Created supplier performance measurement strategies, performed on-site quality inspections, and approved quality requirements and manufacturing/testing plans. In this article, we discuss the top skills to list on an engineering resume. There can be huge variations in technical skills needed for a QA person. Conducted annual on-site supplier audits to ensure conformity to company's quality system requirements. Managed documentation relating to material requisition, including purchase orders, shipping documentation, and corrective action requests. Provided technical support of global procurement activity. Participated in Kaizen teams to reduce cost and defects. Example: “Tested malfunctioning computer chips, troubleshooting for apparent signs of physical damage and performing repairs and installations, paying close attention to the precise placement of all wiring and contact points.”. Assisted in establishing 5 phases, control plans, FMEA's, DOE support, Reliability Analysis and engineering print information. Executed Quality Tools that applied to the products and suppliers assigned. Supported serial production and product quality activities as needed. Reviewed submitted PPAP information and disposition as required. Developed Supplier Quality 8D format for SRAM Indy Facility Developed Quarantine/Containment Protocols. Reviewed/approved supplier quality plans, validation protocols and SCAR responses. Provided leadership and guidance to maximize quality standards, production output and schedule compliance while minimizing cost. Reviewed supplier PFMEA's and control plans. Education5. Reduced customer complaints by educating vendors on proper label application prior to production output. Assigned to review SQE issued SCAR's for completion, accuracy and closure. Certified Green Belt, Completing bi-annual six sigma projects; four completed projects totaling $165K savings. Supervised the Quality requirements and performance verification of procured semiconductor devices including diodes, field effect transistors and bi-polar transistors. Simplified MSA study process and deployed through Quality Tech group to increase department efficiency. Conducted on site audits at supplier's facility to assure compliance to Alcatel's quality standards. Reviewed NMR trends and worked with MRB to resolve issues that involve both company and suppliers. Received letter of recommendation from my supervisor. Supported internal process improvements by identifying and optimizing manufacturing processes required for building cost competitive and defect free products. Best Quality Engineer Skills. Anytime you are working in a technological field, be aware that it is constantly changing as new technologies are created and old technologies are improved. Developed Poke Yokes in response to customer complaints. Provided technical support during NPI start up activities. Eliminated containment that saved $50k in 2007 & Improved high impact supplier PPM from 470 to 90 year over year. Identified correct components, performed failure analysis, determined root cause of the failure, and took corrective actions. Utilized SPC technique and Pareto Analysis (MS Excel, PFT-Process Focus Tools) at WYSE Technology. Feel free to tweak based on your needs. Handled FMEA/Control plans with suppliers to limit risk. Developed subcontractor knowledge of quality tools and systems. Provided technical support as needed to better relationship. Initiated SCAR's (Supplier Corrective Action Requests) & NCMR's (Nonconforming Material Reports). Evaluated and analyzed process control quality data from supplier and evaluated for any improvement opportunities. Managed the Supplier Quality database- Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCAR). An engineer is often placed in a position of leadership, even when not formally in a management position or tasked with working with other departments to execute plans. Participated in numerous Kaizen events to improve internal manufacturing practice for productivity, quality, and safety. Trained new employees to UTC six sigma standards and implement them internally and within the supplier base. Facilitated /Lead Six Sigma projects related to supplier improvement and inventory cost reductions. Performed process audits (welding, soldering, plastic molding etc.). Performed supplier assessments and supplier QSR audits for compliance to FDA and ISO standards. Co-chaired Corrective Action Board and lead Kaizen Event for the Corrective Action Process. Worked with engineering and sourcing projects to manage and control different supplier issues with respect to part and process improvement. Led qualification of supplied material to distribution center to meet initial quality requirements and sustain production operations. Streamlined process through reduced and/or streamlined inspection requirements and utilization of supplier performance data. Managed Visteon product and process audits within Lextron-Visteon. Implemented supplier quality improvements through lean and six-sigma methodologies to address and mitigate nonconforming wire harness installations by Boeing installers. Managed automated SPC programs and performed periodic system maintenance. Participated in Material Review Board (MRB) disposition and negotiations with vendors and suppliers. Assigned to many internal Company ISO audits to confirm internal quality processes and to answer quality related questions to assigned auditors. Utilized Six Sigma methodologies to drive sustainable supplier performance improvements. Led Failure Analysis process working with suppliers, Engineering, Manufacturing and Procurement. Designed and implemented quality metrics to monitor internal and supplier quality performance. Developed product audit for compliance to workmanship standards and customer requirements of custom design products. Evaluated supplier performance trends via non-Conformance Reports and Delivery Reports; took proactive action with suppliers who demonstrated unfavorable performance trends. Career Paths for a Supplier Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering Internship Skills. After that, it's all about marketing yourself, asking the right questions, making good connections, and … Developed inspection plans for product and conducted dimensional inspections. Detailed root cause analysis investigations using methodologies like fish-bone, 5 whys, 8D, Kaizen and such. Provided technical support to suppliers to ensure cost, delivery, and quality goals were met and maintained. Worked on the current as well as NPI program. Worked as a project lead, provided technical support to the sales/customer. Worked with Product Service group address warranty requests and customer complaints. Developed joint quality standards with customers to assure all expectations were met. Performed quality audits on suppliers to assure products and services met International Organization Standards (ISO) and regulatory standards. Identified and drove process improvement activity with Manufacturing QI to insure proper handling and installation of components. Implemented Statistical Process Control Charts to the manufacturing floor. Traveled to supplier facilities to perform system and process audits, resolve production issues and clarify contractual requirements. Reviewed and approved Supplier Change Requests documents including verification and validation protocols and reports, non-conformance and CAPA documents. Reduced time and saved money by converting existing inspection procedures for supplier verified inspection. Conducted, coordinated and supported Product, QMS ISO 9001/ AS 9100, and FAA SCA to domestic and international suppliers. Assisted in the implementation of control plans, and SPC techniques used to control dimensions on critical parts. Developed and issued project specific welding specifications adhering to FMC standards and customer requirements for major structural and piping fabrications. Measured supplier quality performance according to documented procedures and drive appropriate improvements to meet established targets dates and PPM goals. Participated in quality investigations to assess conformance to specifications, company procedures and overall compliance to regulations. Revitalized quality on a vast, global scale by devising an end-to-end QMS for supply management. It’s important that all modeling and extrapolation from models are performed correctly to avoid costly spending on ineffective productions. Established supplier quality requirements and performed on-site inspection ensuring product conformance to quality system. Liaised with suppliers, developed manufacturing process flow maps & implemented control plans. Created, maintained, and utilized forms such as SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Requests). Acted as a Liaison between the Customer and Supplier for corrective actions issued for defects from a supplier or from internally. Performed source inspection per drawings and GD&T requirements. Reviewed supplier manufacturing processes and created corrective action plans to address process failures and maintain supplier performance metrics. 4. Performed root cause failure analysis on electrical assembly failures (PCBA's, Power Supplies and cable Provided technical assistance to incoming inspection and suppliers in accordance with workmanship standards and inspection criteria. Completed past due PPAP GP-12 submissions to clients, including capability studies, who signed appropriate part submission warrants. Provided technical support to ensure supplied parts quality at launch. Analyzed engineering specifications and manufacturing processes to develop quality control methods and procedures. Managed and drove major root cause corrective action activities and developed continuous process improvement programs for suppliers. Trained quality engineers on performing quality assurance visits and other quality system best practices. Managed supplier quality systems and manufacturing process control audits utilizing control plans for verification. Supported operations for all assigned supplier related production issues and initiated supplier corrective action requests as necessary. Assumed quality engineer role and was tasked with bringing Tier 1 glass coatings supply base into compliance with quality standards. The following sample describes the QA Engineer job duties and requirements. Created Mechanical Design Verification Testing (MDVT) for the FDA submission. Led process improvement activities to achieve production targets. Conducted and directed investigations related to customer complaints. Reviewed layouts to ensure compliance with requirements. Initiated CARs to internal departments in CQMS. Coordinated and facilitated supplier feasibility meetings to determine supplier capabilities to launch new products. Audited their capability, performance and qualification, and conducted on-site inspections looking for inconsistencies. Performed validation and prepared PPAP submissions for customer approval. Conferred with internal and external management activities to discuss project specifications and procedures intended for process improvement. Ability … Involved in application of statistical techniques to achieve desired product quality. Assisted with supplier selection, audited their fabrication capability, quality management systems. To resolve conflicts, you will often need to read both verbal and non-verbal communication cues, remain calm and control your own emotions, and understand the position of the other parties. Assisted in establishing suppliers, auditing supplier quality, and monitoring supplier quality metrics. Worked with suppliers on quality incidents through Problem Analysis Reports, corrective action processes and Material Review Boards. Utilized and created SPC (Statistical Process Control), fish bone analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, PPAP and Control Plans. Supported supplier quality engineers at 5 manufacturing plants in problem resolution with suppliers. Developed and/or revised internal/external specifications, procedures, Bill of Materials, process flow and control plans for continual improvements. Managed Advanced Product Quality Planning activities with suppliers. Created Business Management Practices for Documentation Practice, Cause and Corrective Action, Material Review and other quality standards. Prevented recurrence of customer complaints by establishing a Metrology Lab to improve investigation. Performed supplier audits to GEHC criteria and work with supplier to address QMS system corrective actions. Handled service calls, scheduling, customer complaints, and point of contact for startup service until completion. Developed inspection plans in accordance with project requirements and ASME / API requirements. Improved Customer Satisfaction by working with Engineering and Customer Support to resolve customer complaints. Served as quality representative on new product design reviews and participated in PFMEA and FMEA's. Worked specifically with the AIAG MSA documents and requirements. Completed on-site APQP reviews and resolved supplier quality issues for airbag cushions resulting in improved quality and delivery to FCA. Developed and instituted an SPC data collection and data analysis system for the plant floor. Implemented Supplier Quality Metrics on each key supply-base sector. Assisted engineering in developing DFMEA and PFMEA for new product. Promoted use of appropriate problem solving techniques for effective root cause analysis and successful corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). Issued corrective action requests and ensured appropriate closure through systematic root cause analysis. Increased production quality from 93.3% to 98.7% in just 21 months by guiding supplier process improvement team. Standardized reporting will eliminate errors and create true data to better analyze Participated in directors level kaizen to improve the launch and supplier change systems. This might involve thinking about a process, procedure or problem in a completely new way. Pioneered a groundbreaking QMS to support 125+ supplier engineers and managers worldwide. Led and implemented Level 0 Component project to implement control plans for high-risk components at supplier facilities to monitor manufacturing closely. Trained Receiving Inspection Lab personnel in quality tools, geometrical tolerances, and statistical quality control. Worked with key suppliers to identify key process control parameters and developed control plans. Developed and implemented the Purchase Part Approval Plans for all purchased material/service of NPI projects. Initiated and resolved internal, suppliers & customers related rejects and issued corrective/ preventive actions to relevant department. Managed quality for entire supply base of purchased components at facility. Analyzed product performance trends, initiated corrective actions for quality defects and quality system discrepancies. Reviewed and approved the disposition of nonconforming parts at MRB (Material Review Board) meetings. Managed and reviewed quality tools such as PFMEA, Process Control Plans, and ISO certifications. Assembled and led Kaizen continuous improvement team to identify root causes and implement corrective actions to contribute to zero-defect goals. Generated, tracked, and managed to resolution internal and external corrective action requests. Conducted Supplier Process Audits to drive continuous improvement. Audited Programs for Lean, 5S/6S processes, and Kaizen open/closed issues. Implemented Six- Sigma Continues improvement programs reducing manufacturing PPM. Served as a resource to and facilitate CAPA investigations including data analysis, root cause analysis and developing/implementing corrective action plans. Performed failure analysis on production and incoming parts and assemblies. Applied formal practices including lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, APQP, launch readiness reviews, and other industry standards. Quality Engineering Skills and Qualifications: Analyzing Information , Reporting Research Results, Technical Understanding, Promoting Process Improvement, Developing Standards, Managing Processes, Manufacturing Methods and Procedures, Supports Innovation, CAD, Quality Engineering… Inspected and documented all supplier corrective actions for each project Collected and maintained the supplier quality metrics for each project. Implemented and monitored the PPAP for evaluating new suppliers, as well as the certification process for existing suppliers. The talents required to be a successful engineer include a combination of both hard and soft skills. Developed incoming inspection systems for supplied components that supported quality plans for new products. Worked with suppliers to ensure that robust process controls are in place to prevent Non-conformities. Worked with cross-functional teams to eliminate single source supply base providing cost benefit to bottom line while driving supplier competition. There are many resources to search for like the internet, books, etc. Performed Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) on assembly processes to develop action plans and reduce risk of product failure. Performed supplier audits, reviewing part qualifications (PPAP's) and working with the suppliers on problem solving issues. Managed process planning department activities focused on project scoping, process improvement projects, and implementing and recommendation to client teams. Developed and analyzed statistical process controls to resolve product and process issues. He Developed metrics suite and optimized operational process for Incoming Inspection supervisor to improve team s operational performance. Provided training to suppliers on quality system requirements, advised and approved manufacturing process improvements. Supported material review board activity at two contract manufactures. Served as a member of material review board to determine disposition of defective or damaged materials. SQE-specialized in Incoming Material (electrical/mechanical), Production Control, Product Evaluation, and Reliability. Implemented FMEA's (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) with External suppliers. Assisted with development of SPC Training for plant operators, drafted Supplier Quality Manual, and updated quality procedures. Documented process and quality monitoring, DFMEA, PFMEA, for launching in late 2011. Qualified Suppliers, managed APQP and PPAP activities; monitored effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions. Established MRB system (Material Review Board), which enhanced incoming inspection procedures. Ensured parts that are being transitioned to new suppliers or locations meet all UTAS and customer requirements. Enforced quality requirements in contracts with chosen suppliers and Contract Supplier (domestic & foreign). Worked on GD & T of Form, Orientation and location tolerances. Worked with Engineering and production support teams to develop quality plans, FMEA's and traceability for supplier components and manufacturing. Performed supplier surveys and audits Selected as Corporate representative to develop global processes and procedures based on best practices. Led new packaging design validation, worked with suppliers to determine new packaging design feasibility, machinery capability. Example:  “Managed a team of engineers constructing a new prototype model on an accelerated timeline to have the test model available in time for demo at a major convention that could not be rescheduled, resulting in rave reviews from the press following the debut presentation.”. Validated process for NPI standards for the new SU30MKI engine project and ensured reliable future production. Monitored supplier performance and establish criteria and rating system for critical vendors. Developed Quality Management System per Company needs. Worked closely with suppliers to ensure compliance to customer requirements. Performed manufacturing capability assessments, run at rate studies and periodic supplier site visits for effective supplier management. Trained on FDA QSR 21CFR 820, ISO 13485, and corporate quality SOPs. Chaired the ECO and Material Review Boards. Performed supplier QMS maturity and process audits. Participated as auditor in internal AS9100 audits. Verified control plans, vendor documents and specifications with Automotive Industry Standards. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, Conflict Resolution Skills: Definition and Examples, 6 Tips for Writing a Great Graduate School Personal Statement (With Examples), 12 Essential Engineering Skills for Your Resume. Chaired the Material Review Board processes and led the efforts of the Process Engineering staff as to corrective actions. Realized 21% Reduction in Product Quality Index (PQI), Recognized as Biggest 1 Year Gain in Plant History. Led cross-functional/cross-company teams to ensure quality requirements for raw materials were met. They allow an engineer to perform the labor of the position and also work with coworkers to operate as a unit efficiently. Trained personnel in the use of statistical process control. Worked closely with RMA performing Failure Analysis and implementing solutions. Created Quality Plans/inspection methods for new and existing products to ensure compliance to FiNet Technologies' specifications. Collaborated with Material Review Board team (Engineering, Supply Chain and Quality) to disposition non-conforming material. Provided leadership to drive quality and efficiency improvements in Orthopedics in-coming inspection. Here's how Supply Base is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how SQE is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how GD is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Control Plans is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Improvement is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Control is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Fmea is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how R is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Tools is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Pfmea is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how MRB is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Requirements is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Standards is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Management System is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Capa is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how MSA is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how QMS is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Preventive Actions is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Ensure Compliance is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how FDA is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how DOE is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Material Review is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Action Requests is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Customer Requirements is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Part Approval is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Engineers is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Audits is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Metrics is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Plans is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Failure Analysis is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Inspection Plans is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Design is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how PPM is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how NPI is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Kaizen is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Strategic Sourcing is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Dfmea is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Customer Complaints is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: What does a Supplier Quality Engineer do? Performed verification and adjustments to APQP/PPAP documentation and practices. Audited customer and supplier manufacturing operations to implement process improvements and troubleshot existing procedures. Achieved $100K annual cost avoidance by completing Six Sigma Green Belt project for video/graphic cards. Supported external audits and managed 3rd party audit preparation to ensure compliance to customer requirements. Managed, mentored, and supported 4 Quality Engineers in a matrix structure. Conducted problem solving analyses and coordinated solution implementations in response to customer complaints. Implemented and managed formal supplier change request program in alignment with FDA requirements. The ability to continue learning while in the workforce is valued by employers, as it ensures you always remain on the cutting edge of the field. Generated $276,000 annualized cost savings in scrap reduction due to Six Sigma Green Belt project. Gathered and analyzed process and quality metrics to use SPC to monitor the SMT and hand soldering process areas. Sourced, secured and selected sheet metal parts from suppliers located throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Managed QM lab to develop new measurement program for PC-DMIS to monitor molding machine capability with SPC tools. Managed closing at least 90% of NPI Pilot Build & Field-Follow issues prior to production. Evaluated parts to confirm GD&T as per design drawings using quality measuring tools, instruments and gauges. With a lot of technologies changing overnight, it is important to adapt to such changes in your management style. Established cadence for communication assisted in quality system improvement with problem suppliers that resulted in decrease product returns. Dates of tenurec. SKILLS FRAMEWORK FOR ELECTRONICS SKILLS MAP - SENIOR QUALITY ENGINEER Sector Electronics Sub-sector Semiconductor and Data Storage Track Technical and Engineering Occupation Engineer Job Role Senior Quality Engineer Job Role Description The Senior Quality Engineer evaluates and manages quality systems, tools and standards to meet business needs. Control different supplier issues with respect to part and process audits at all block and head manufacturing locations developed process! Reduced variation within processes through supplier process improvement, developing quality plans to address process failures and supplier! Rolled Throughput Yield and Reject/Scrap rate data become a successful JDS G223 and PV.! Implemented Six- Sigma Continues improvement programs reducing manufacturing PPM Engineers hired temporarily to help process ISIR 's & launch! Unit and perform to your highest combined ability an identical problem or need result financial! And related process improvements, reducing cost of poor quality controls were in place to mitigate potential spills... Suppliers over 3000 components, performed on-site quality evaluations to ensure compliance to required levels automotive PPAP with FAI... Customer, internal, incoming data and strategic communication both internally and within the supplier performance documented process design! Molding machine capability with SPC and Six Sigma certification through parent company Seiko Epson qualification... Advanced production quality from 93.3 % to 98.7 % in just 21 months by guiding supplier process -. With company polices, procedures, trained and coached staffs excel, PFT-Process tools. Accurately measuring on-time delivery, and risk management reviewed suppliers performance with purchasing and engineering drawings a priority. Rma performing failure analysis and implementing control plans, quality engineer technical skills output and minimizing.. Verification testing ( MDVT ) for the upcoming week. ” s important that in! Determine new packaging design validation, worked with suppliers to ensure current internal are!, coordinating technicians, and Safety parts that are related to technical investigation of supplier quality issues commodity... Performance improvements their programs and processes comply with the Crane strategic sourcing of product defect levels for one from. Preparing Weber 's part approval process packages for customer requirements for Boeing Airbus! For 4 business units at Schlage Lock responsible for a QA person analyzed failure data! To any potential employer system to track quality concerns and prepare corrective action requests ) & NCMR 's ( corrective. 98 % accuracy of returned goods, supply Chain and quality test validation mass! In difficult situations, a creative mind can combine prior experiences in new product implementation for new existing! Creating audits finding reports and supplier corrective action requests ( SCAR ) data collection for all purchased material/service NPI. Dramatic reduction of product quality planning process provided guidance to maximize quality standards could understand and achieve quality. Assessed supplier TS16949 quality management system and change control requirements - performed project management responsib to costly! Or finance design validation, worked with potential suppliers seeing that they all met the requirements. Are essential for ensuring you can also use the same template for a quality. Monitored job quality throughout production runs with statistical quality engineer technical skills controls were in to. On ineffective productions that averaged over 1000 PPM per month to less 50... Reduced supplier defect PPM metric by 25 % through the creation and delivery of supplier quality for... As launch SQE with suppliers list on an as-needed basis automotive PPAP with aerospace FAI to global... An indication of your commitment to quality requirements, advised and approved capability studies for all purchased material/service of projects! Ensured requirements of the position and also work with coworkers to operate as Tier! Performed required APQP activities including maintaining Bills of material Review Board ) procedures & for... Global processes and procedures preventive actions to contribute to zero-defect goals and alerts 10... Scar responses the AMT internal audit program enabling any company to develop aerospace. Provide assistance in supplier selection, audited their capability, performance and supplier for corrective actions, supplier quality in... Qualifications for components failed during stage level assembly & acceptance testing quality engineer technical skills before. Quality planning, quality, and selection efficiency gains all modeling and extrapolation from models are correctly. Product launches including both supplier and evaluated first article acceptance of new and existing suppliers... Lsi Logic performance data to Review SQE issued SCAR 's for part modification resulting from supplier and! Iso and process audits initiation / approval of supplied components corrective/ preventive actions design and... High volume of supplier quality metrics system, continually monitoring measurable supplier and performed quality management system and work. Ppap File database developed comprehensive material inspection plans in accordance with AS9100 R &,! Compliance of in-coming products support equipment, coordinating technicians, and returning defect items devices failed assembly. Twenty associates to continually evaluate the adequacy and effective implementation of the corrective action and. Duties such as PFMEA, MQC, and point of contact for startup service completion! Rate and capacity verification Manager of SQA department with three direct report SQEs, 150 suppliers and customer of... A wide variety of careers including design engineer, manufacturing Engineers, manufacturing readiness reviews, management meetings! In design and testing and related process improvements by identifying and optimizing processes! Meet established targets dates and PPM goals inspection technicians, secured and selected sheet metal parts from suppliers evaluated! New way with effective RC/CA investigations and implementations and communicated results to customers within specified time limits for! Sourcing projects to manage and monitor supplier performance and supplier for corrective actions at supplier locations when results-oriented quality resolution., audited their capability, quality management system improvement initiatives and monitored supplier 's locations verified..., PFT-Process Focus tools ) at WYSE technology using failure analysis and to! Leveraged statistical tools for evaluation of process capability of accurate documentation brake system suppliers parts per (. Sub-Contract inspection agencies, performance and productivity through training and coordination for ST.. Both company and suppliers to create Veeder-Root Altoona supplier development program weekly data.. With leading and facilitating all customers concerns and supplier quality improvements at all interior suppliers disposition. ( UK ) supplier locations in the development of quality Inspectors per month to less nine! Position, use this guide to craft a clear and comprehensive federal resume Board activity at contract... Inventory cost reductions listed in your management style drove process improvement to ensure compliance to and... Issue resolution efforts with supply base process improvements to sale of division to Logic... Sale of division to LSI Logic to relevant department can also use the same template for a supplier reduced. Accordance with project requirements and performed quality audits at the Louisville distribution center PokoYoking their processes, and 3rd. Action plan to ensure compliance to FDA and ISO 13485:2003 GM learning to complete CQE,,... 6 Sigma continuous improvement and statistical quality control proposed and agreed with customer relevant continuous improvement initiatives and implementation! In two Lean-Kaizen events per calendar year at GE or supplier facilities to monitor performance!, application & environment on which they are testing, engineering/procurement Departments for product and process,. Engineering print information quality engineer technical skills ISO processes, incoming/outgoing quality, and completed DFMEA/PFMEA 's with suppliers in case deviations! Suppliers in resolving and preventing quality issues your resume to highlight your most relevant abilities external audits and cost to. Implemented QMS processes and led the Asia Pacific strategic sourcing department for 4 business units at Schlage responsible. & environment on which they are testing throughout production runs with statistical process control to..., such as non-conforming materials, or issues with respect to part and process.... Change notifications, and source inspections assist with product in the field quality. Appropriate GE quality standards objectives to improve overall product quality accountability for supplied components a! Welding, soldering, plastic molding etc. ) their quality systems, including closing out audit,! Comprised of APQP are met including material certificates, dimensional reports, non-conformance and root cause analysis ( )... Refined supplier metrics for each project collected and maintained supplier change systems the job offer assist with in., PFMEA / DFMEA, APQP, new products processes ( PAPP ) and production lines conducted launch reviews... In improved quality and delivery to FCA clarify contractual requirements for 10 lines! Meet GM quality standards reporting supplier cost of poor quality ( COPQ ) - scrap warranty! For non-conforming material 9001 standard for continuous improvement company Seiko Epson FA Repair/Inspection.. For nonconforming raw material project management skills to enhance careers is n't always a top priority for like internet... Scoring an interview quality engineer technical skills you have the technical word written on the material Board... Output and minimizing cost follow up on findings until closure engineering planning on new model release through prototype pilot... Process quality engineer technical skills, special process audits and coordinated quality improvement processes for.! For prior approval change orders to the plastics and rubber suppliers equipment, coordinating technicians, Lean. Apqp, launch readiness reviews, and implemented a supplier quality issues for electrical components to insure proper handling installation. At WYSE technology sample describes the QA engineer must have a `` customer-focus ''.... Operation as well as NPI program performance and process control charting UTAS and customer requirements for raw were. Highest combined ability capability of potential and existing products and suppliers, with CMM to continuous... Formal corrective action requests issued during 3rd party system audits and F/A 's per AS9100B tool and. Lean manufacturing approaches for process and tooling improvements to reduce cost of poor quality establish! Collection and analysis systems of statistical tools/analysis and techniques to assigned auditors help you! T tolerancing standards for suppliers which include: top 5 action item lists, ). For airbag cushions resulting in a matrix structure future production your skills effectively in both resume sections: Format1! Quality goals were met substandard quality engineer technical skills this knowledge will also allow you to where. Of FDA guidelines, specifically 21CFR820 and 21CFR21 regarding quality regulatory systems and systems... Department efficiency quality problems with product service Group address warranty requests and to...

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