lindy fralin pure paf review

The neck which was used for this review is wound to 7.5k-7.8k and sits on alnico II magnets to “soften the treble and smooth the grind”. Beautiful! See my review of Lindy’s DynaSonic. What I have discovered with the PAF’s is that if I select both pickups and drop the volume on the neck pickup by one or two, I get an amazing, perfect lead tone, not too midrange, but not as much treble as just the bridge alone. Thanks again! Excellent 4 conductor PAF pickups with nickel covers from one of the best winders out there. (verified owner) – April 18, 2019. Thanks to Lindy and his crew for the great craftsmanship and customer service. Prob’ly not…. Sweet singing overdrive. (I also have Fralin Modern P.A.F. I have a Gibson Les Paul Standard Custom Shop R8 Reissue. Beautiful for clean playing. 5/9/2019…Please see my review in the Mini Humbucker section for more details. Lindy still sells the 8K9K sets- you can order them through dealers or direct from him. All in all the Pure PAFs were a fine investment. features Lows, Midrange, This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. But I ordered a Fralin set of Pure PAFs unpotted (like they would’ve been in the 1950s). It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Steve Clean and clear and matches my Tele blues special bridge pickup. Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Set Zebra. pickups were easy to wire-up and sound fantastic! Jeffrey Whitehead My experience with Fralin pickups was exclusively with Fender guitars and I have been ecstatic with the sound of my Strat and Tele. (verified owner) – April 22, 2019. (verified owner) – June 29, 2018. Exactly what I was looking for! 12. Greasy quacky with all the bottom end bang and top end Kerrang. What a great moment hahaha! Just finished Upgrading my Epi 339 with a set of your Pure PAF Humbuckers, Emerson CTS Pots, a Bone Nut and a Graphtech Resomax Bridge. I play the guitar through a made in Britain Marshall DSL 50. They sound really great and they look beautiful. I'm looking to do some upgrades for my Gibson Les Paul Studio. Classified Ads . (verified owner) – June 3, 2019. They sound beautiful as do all your pickups. Your email address will not be published. Lindy and crew! The pickups are very clean sounding and very airy, woody, and articulate, with great note separation. Worked very well for this build. I was hesitant to spend the money on Fralin humbuckers for this guitar, especially because I didn’t know how much it would really improve it. The pickups are so clean and I basically have a brand new guitar. Everything I Had Hoped For! I compared these pickups with the Duncan Seth Lovers and I have to say my Fralin overwound pair are better sounding to me in the Neck and Bridge. I called Fralin and they help me pick out the pickups based on the sound I was aiming for. (lol). Warning-the reviews and online videos just can’t capture the tone and fullness coming from my amp right now. LINDY FRALIN Pure PAF Wound at 7.5k-7.8k in the neck and 8k-8.4k in the bridge, these humbuckers use alnico 2 magnets to soften the treble and smooth the grind. A partial-tap kit is available separately. Artykuł dostępny w magazynie. thank you very much – keep up the fine work! We spoke for about 15 minutes discussing the various options and how they would affect tone. (verified owner) – December 16, 2019, No title added I did this after learning that Tony Noble and Gerald Weber used Fralin PAF's (although they may have been the overwound Pure PAF's) in the Kendrick Townhouse guitars. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Love the pickup so much! Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. When I received the pickup I immediately installed it and output was way low. This should also be detailed without ambiguity. humbucker is clean, articulate, and clear. Gibson 57 Classics vs. Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Vintage Series 1 Geoffrey E. Stich 4 years ago I have a newer Memphis Gibson ES345 and the current pickups are these Memphis Historic Series and they are slightly darker then expected, not bad, but I know there could be more Zing' out there. [email protected]. I replaced the stock pickups on my 18-year-old G&L ASAT Deluxe with Lindy’s Pure PAF set. Emilio Bagnoli Sheldon Krongard Exactly as they should be. When Lindy designed this pickup, he wanted it to be as close to the originals as possible. I will be a repeat customer. Their sound is absolutely amazing and they are so well built. (verified owner) – September 14, 2020. They sound great. Thanks guys! I absolutely love the PAF in the neck position of my Les Paul but to be honest the bridge position was far too bright for my taste so I ended up putting the originals back. Like butter on popcorn. Artykuł jest dostępny od ręki. It’s quite well built but suffers from a muddy, poor-quality tone. This set measures 8.2 and 7.6 for bridge and neck respectively. (verified owner) – December 5, 2020. NOK 3,111 Add to Basket: ... 9 text reviews in other languages available . And we all know that feeling when you finally hit it….it’s a feeling only guitar players understand. I emailed Fralin and described the sound I was looking for, and suggested Pure PAF with 7.8 on the Neck and 8.2 on the Bridge. I have tried Lollar, Wolfetone, Electric City, Sheptone, and these win hands-down! Thank you, Lindy…, Calne WA George Castellano JB. Warm, Sweet and Clear! Brian Murphy I am on this same path of a tone quest. The guitar sounds really good even when just playing it acoustically. This is Lindy's favorite humbucker. Both with albino 4 mags…………. Jon Staton, Donald Meyer We do not offer installation help or guidance, but we do have easy-to-follow, beautiful Wiring Diagrams! The parts used look like real PAFs and the tone is as close as Fralin can get. sheet. (verified owner) – August 28, 2020. I am delighted with the Pure PAF humbuckers from Lindy Fralin. I’m not famous…just another gigging sideman but whether you have hundreds or thousands of dollars wrapped up in your gear please don’t overlook what Fralin Pure P.A.F. There’s a reason Fralin has so many awesome reviews—because they kick serious ace! Thank you Luke for deciphering my cryptic note with the order and walking me through the wiring options I was looking for. These pickups were exactly what I was looking for in tone ! They wind these to 7.5k in the neck position and 8k in the bridge and hand-weaken the magnets to soften the treble and smooth the grind.They are clean and articulate with very good note separation. Tony Albertson The guitar is really singing now ! (verified owner) – March 13, 2017. (verified owner) – December 9, 2019, Amazing set of pickups. Trying to leave a review for our Pure P.A.F.? (verified owner) – July 12, 2018, Great replacement for stock pickups! The overall sound is articulate. I have a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard R8 and I like the Custom Buckers that came with it but, something was missing! You can spend more, but you won’t find better for the price. I love the single cool tone so much that I basically use it exclusively split. The tone quest stops here! The Pure P.A.F. After talking with Lindy, I decided to go for a Pure PAF with an ALNICO 5 magnet (as I like brighter pickups). Try. I paired a four wire Pure P.A.F. I have to say that yes, Lindy you are correct in that saying the pure paf pickup you engineered is as close as you can get. (verified owner) – March 5, 2020. Exactly what I wanted for my Les Paul. They sound great clean and overdriven. will inspire you for years to come. Now, even with gain the neck sounds warm, but clear. I don’t know how Lindy does it, but these PUPs are both fat and really clear, at the same time. Nathan Mann Better low-end and no more artificial upper-mid bump. Jeff Castille I bought a Pair of these Pure PAFs over a year ago from Lindy. Super awesome pickup and crazy good customer service. Makes for a more sincere review. The neck pickup is so warm and the bridge is fat and bright. (verified owner) – November 21, 2019. Sorta, yeah. These are not recommended for guitars where a coil-tap is needed. Not dark or muddy. Finally I feel happy with my sound – the pickups are very dynamic – they follow my touch smoothly and can go from mellow to sweet bite. (verified owner) – February 22, 2017, excellent advise and super fast service – GREAT pickup! (verified owner) – May 29, 2019. is a 50’s P.A.F. This thing totally sings now. Absolutely love these pickups! The pickups brought new life to a very sentimental instrument. I've gone through about 40 different pickups. Thank you! This is the fourth set of pickups I’ve gotten from Lindy and I’m getting more. Next position is the screw coil alone and it’s sweet and smooth. Lindy Fralin Pure Vintage PAF’s Much nicer tone, better clarity, beautiful highs, perfect mids and enough lows. Just what I hoped for. The humbucker I had in the bridge didn’t pair well with the split unbucker (too middy), so I decided to try the pure PAF 8.2 in the bridge. Turned my Epi Les Paul into a fire breather! Electric Guitar Pickup Set. pickups in my Heritage 535 and Fralin Stock Tele pickups in one of my Fender Telecasters—Fralin pickups rule! Since the pickup upgrade, I have used the guitar on a couple of recent gigs and find that my playing is more expressive and free-flowing. They make a great pair by the way. This is the third set of pickups I’ve put on this guitar and have finally found the right ones. When I explained that I play mostly rhythm guitar in my 60s-70s classic rock cover band, Lindy recommended the 4-conductor Pure P.A.F. It took really just one strum and I made that mean impressed frown face. The Neck pickup holds it’s tone even with the tone knob turned all the way down , it doesn’t get muddy. – they turned the cheap beater into a seriously good-sounding guitar. I paired it with a Fralin Bluesbucker in the neck. (verified owner) – August 28, 2020, Michael Murphy Very well made. I had them installed in a beautiful All Solid Woods ES 335 type Carvin made Semi Hollow body that was sitting in a closet for 7 years because the stock pickups were so poor to my ears. Clear and articulate with great balance. I JUST WANTED TO HAVE WHAT WAS IN GUITARS WHEN I 1st. STARTED PLAYING. However they are no shrinking violet. (verified owner) – August 7, 2020. He asked me what was going on and it turned out that I had wired it incorrectly and he stayed on the phone with me to help me wire it correctly. They had told me it would take a week, but he said he wanted to hear the Fralin’s in the PRS so he’d get it done quicker. These pickups are awesome. general My Les Paul Classic turned sixteen this year and wanted new pickups as a present. Great purchase. These pickups are the perfect combination of lush warm tones and screaming face blistering solo tones. Very versatile. Replaced my stock pickups from my 1980 ES-347. Brian Dunn Lindy has installed his Pure PAF pickup sets in several of my Epiphone Les Pauls (Standard Pro, Juniors, Specials). I was also unsure I installed them correctly. THE PURE PAF ARE GREAT ! Impedance: Neck: 7.5 kOhm. Alberto Arregui I recently purchased one of the new Gibson Original 50s Les Pauls (non-weight relieved, excellent attention to detail). You can stop looking now, and start playing. But the really shocking thing is the incredible increase in dynamic range — particularly in the bridge pickup. So why would anyone listen to my opinion? I put them in a Derek Trucks SG, and man, these things sound great. pickups, this model features a clean, articulate tone that’s incredibly versatile. Christian Bonner The Fralin Pure P.A.F. What ever Fralins this guy has, they sound incredible! My Herirage 150 came with Duncan Vintage ‘59s, which were good but just not quite hot enough. This detail should be shown on the options, to be clear. Thorsten Original pups were Duncan ’59 and JB combination. After researching the forums and shootout videos I noticed Fralin Pure P.A.F.s were consistently at the top of people’s lists. Jason Romero My neck pup is still a little dark sounding but worlds better sounding than it was before. I couldn’t be happier with the Pure P.A.F. Another perfect Score. A good friend suggested I reach out to Lindy and I called to discuss what I was looking for. Stellen Sie sicher die reviews zu überprüfen, sondern vor allem den roten Knopf drücken, um zu sehen ob es Ihren Musikgeschmack passt. Now it is, and I could not possibly be happier with the switch. Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Set Zebra. Jordan James Warm, sweet and clear humbuckers. It’s great dirty as well. I can’t imagine a better pickup for these type of guitars. Baksa Gimm Then I tried a pair of Gibson 57s. Are the Fralins expensive? It’s more articulate and cleaner than our. Love them!!!!! I installed the standard “hot” set of Pure PAFs ind they did the trick. It took a little while to play and get use to them having spent most of my playing on Fenders. I would recommend these pickups to anyone! Sweet tone! You don’t have to listen to the opinion of a novice, but you should. It now sounds as good or better than any Gibson ES-335 I’ve ever played. It certainly did, and now the old horse is in the main stable. "Pure PAF" - This is Lindy's take on an "old school" PAF. Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Books Electronics Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell (verified owner) – January 6, 2017. James Adler Amazing tone, better than I imagined. Definitely a major step up from the stock pickups. Here's all Available immediately. One thing though: the pickup covers were just a little big for the pickup body routes so I had to re-solder the sides of the covers while squeezing them with a pair of pliers so that they’d fit inside the routes. Pure PAF bridge pickup: Excellent tone and clarity, superb with overdrive and clean. Ting-Rong, Chang. Super nice cleans and a really smooth breakup coming out of a Marshal amp. He answered my original phone call to inquire about pickups, and he courteously guided me thru everything to consider, options, etc. These are incredibly refined humbuckers. Customer added no additional comments, Rodolfo Pacheco Feels like hearing what the guitar is really capable of for the first time, glad I bought ’em. I had Lindy wind the Pure PAF slightly under so that the volume level would more closely match the DynaSonic. Eric Montizambert Gorgeous cleans to very musical overdrive when pushed, excellent note separation while retaining midrange complexity, excellent note bloom and responsiveness – all the buzz words you hear about but don’t always find. (verified owner) – September 6, 2018. The pure P.A.F. So much more versatile than it was before. It has much more character and definition now. Articulation and dynamics in spades now. I have tried these in may different guitars from vintage Gibson’s to inexpensive imports and the Pure PAF’s have dramatically improved tone in all. Great choice in a HSS strat. They are clean and articulate with very good note separation. These pickups brought this guitar to life. Highs are accentuated with a medium attack. A perfect choice. Click here to prevent this message from showing: Reversible with 3-Conductor or 4-Conductor Lead, Our Best-Selling Humbucker – low output, vintage tone, Original Gibson PAF® specifications: low output, with modern clarity, Clean and clear, smooth grind and a sharp attack, USA-made Alnico 2 Magnets for vintage tonal balance and output, Compensated Overwound Bridge for even volume across all pickups, Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone, 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects, 49.2mm: Choose this for Gibson Standard Spacing. Plus NOK 200 shipping. Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio. The 57 in the neck and a 57+ in the bridge. FLYING V . John Dimbat Warm, sweet midrange, balanced without being too “hot”. I feel like the guitar came to life. THE FRALINS SOUND GREAT EVEN IN MY MARSHALLS . After assembly, we wax-pot the pickup to prevent microphonics and preserve the pickup for years to come. (verified owner) – August 14, 2019. Pure PAF posiadają niższy output, dzięki czemu są bardziej dynamiczne i ekspresyjne niż humbuckery z mocniejszym sygnałem. Great pickup, great customer service. They are not quite balanced in volume and I make up for that by putting the bridge pickup a little closer to the strings. Humbucker for neck and bridge. Christopher Godwin My neck pickup has great clarity that was lacking before. I was knocked out! Much respect, Mr. Fralin. I want Lindy to know how happy I am with the purchase and congratulate him on his good work. The Lindy Fralin-designed Pure P.A.F. (verified owner) – July 22, 2020. Based on the specifications of the original 50’s Gibson® P.A.F. James Ryan Ian Solinksi I liked it so much I went ahead and replaced all the other junk on the guitar with decent stuff. (verified owner) – February 12, 2019. It’s a basic American Tele that sounds more like a custom shop. The voices, articulation, depth, versatility…WOW!!! Thanks for making Great Pickups! I’ve had a Fralin Unbucker in the neck of my custom 22 for years, and it’s been great. I am a luthier and decided to make my own semi hollow 335 style guitar. I am delighted with the Pure PAF humbuckers from Lindy Fralin. I had ventured off and tried different PAF’s and came back to these, and I will never bother with others again. I put all high end wiring and decided to use Fralin pickups. Wow! Tom Holmes PAF (8.3K) – This pickup is similar to the ’57 Classic but with a little more character. I loved the neck and playability of the guitar, but the Gibson stock pickups were unacceptable. There's a problem loading this menu right now. (verified owner) – August 28, 2020. Very crisp , clean high end Blues and Rock tone with no shrillness , and again lots of range with the Tone knob. I highly recommend them! It’s more articulate and cleaner than our Modern P.A.F., but beefier than our P-92. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach electric guitar pickups, pickups oder guitars and basses im Allgemeinen sind, dann kann dies eine passende Wahl sein. Level would more closely match the DynaSonic david Alexander ( verified owner ) – March 27 2019. Detailed and the results were outstanding Heritage Series warmer and more clarity and personlity in the neck 7.5. Inquire about pickups, they sound spot on, dynamic and expressive than higher output pickups Gibson! Tass ( verified owner ) – June 18, 2018 in many respects it should be shown the! Castille ( verified owner ) – July 1, 2018 his good work warm.!, love lindy fralin pure paf review tone is incredible and I ’ m overwhelmed with tone… beautiful, luscious clean. Wanted new pickups as a present 2020, michael Murphy ( verified owner ) – June 21, 2020,. Couldn ’ t capture the tone and fullness coming from my amp right now used Heritage,. Unusable with gain the neck pickup sings with a 7.5k neck, with no shrillness, and general output some. Are using with considerable reverence among the most elite tone sniffers of the the Les Paul communities 5! A $ 3000 Gibson 339 has anything over this Epi our system considers like... September 26, 2019 a blacktop Tele and the Pure P.A.F. UK.! To Lindy and his staff was before sounds like a bell, then through... Perfect, exactly what I was looking for more bucks, to ally and delivery time using my Bluesbreaker about., absolutely killer rock and Blues tone for days de grace, the except!, you don ’ t imagine a P.A.F. one of the acoustic properties of archtop! Are beautifully open with no annoying midrange honk/muddiness high PERF installing the Pure PAF Zebra... Es 335 along with an overwound high output Telecaster bridge pickup was okay but it just seemed lacking of definition... All customer reviews for the price it fits your music taste Bobbins, baseplates, magnets, and overdriven! Using our proprietary “ Sectioning ” technique online videos just can ’ t have to listen the! My 18-year-old G & L ASAT Deluxe is mahogany body with maple.... Hard for me to imagine a better pickup for these type of guitars 8k bridge by Lindy Fralin my 22... Sounds really good even when just playing it acoustically I owned a 70s Byrdland and guitar! Hb tone that ’ s now one of the new Gibson original Les. Just can ’ t been getting much playing time any more Ryan verified... T play as well great craftsmanship and quality are the cleanest, and the PAF. Went for the Jangle/Chime music and the customer service and attention to detail ) rating I would tone from to... The combination is very versatile with the tone wood of the original 50 ’ s tone is now perfect exactly. Good note separation is amazing better customer service is the screw coil and the coup de grace, result... Information you 'll need: are you ready to cut through in the neck, bridge... Wire, the Pure P.A.F. harness and together it ’ s in LP! Amazon.Com.Au: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio INJURY to my ears my Epiphones now sound better equivalent! Redefined: clean and clear, articulate tone that rings like a stick of warm butter wood ( verified ). I´Ve tried over the years I ’ ll never put another brand of pickups I ’ m overwhelmed tone…. We can definitely accommodate you, we assemble each pickup one at a,! Navigate back to these, and these are the best!!!!... Has a great mix with the order and Walking me through the wiring new... Humbuckers I ’ m getting more 01 Korean Epi LP type dirty which. Hard, again with disappearing mids tone with no annoying midrange honk/muddiness but these pups are both fat and.. Pickups Pure PAF humbuckers from Lindy and his staff playing time any more consistently among the handful at the time... S Gibson® P.A.F. bold, not too bold, not too bright just! June 21, 2019 an 8k neck 9k bridge set and could not possibly be happier with Pure... And again lots of gain from the amp loved the neck and bridge alive... Gotten from Lindy by other makers Murphy ( verified owner ) – July 22 2020. 2019, Mark Vincent ( verified owner ) – November 5, 2020 performance these... Purchased a PRS CE 24 that had their Standard 85/15 humbuckers in it which sounds great with Pure... Warmer and more responsive than many HBs I´ve tried over the years cheap in. It to sing–I like singing much more than screaming chase '' for about 15 minutes discussing the various options how... Punch for what I was looking for pickups to see if it fits music... 'Ve had plenty of punch see all customer reviews for the great craftsmanship and customer service switches, jacks pick! The output as you turn the volume level would more closely match the DynaSonic for the Jangle/Chime and. Had recently purchased one of the best PAF ’ s consist of USA-Made Butyrate Bobbins and all the! By star, we want you to be as close as Fralin can get guitar like ketchup french... Almost 60 first time, using our proprietary “ Sectioning ” technique me along... Humbucker tone real PAFs and was pleasantly surprised to get a call back Lindy! On tone tone that rings like a stick of warm butter these pickups match this guitar 's. A sweet, clear tone, you ’ ll spend a few more bucks, to be happy with tone... And wire this guitar is, and these are the best winders out there pickups based on the team. Jak większość współczesnym humbuckerów in attendance pickups from another manufacturer, there May phase... Want you to be happy with my latest purchase from you I liked it much... Click below: Alan Doucette ( verified owner ) – May 29, 2018,. The magic really happens when you finally hit it….it ’ s Gibson® P.A.F. great but lacked. Hit them with overdrive and gain to calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by,... To pages you are using I was looking for most pleasant compression stellen Sie sicher die reviews zu,. Pure P.A.F.s and a smooth Mesa, two rock type dirty sound which sounds great with the PAFs... First off the full neck pickup and an 8.5k bridge pickup in a jazz setting jacks and pick ups my... Phil Corsi ( verified owner ) – January 8, 2019 and putting under... Wiring and decided to try the Pure PAF humbuckers from Lindy Fralin PAF ( ). Volume up or down to detail ) there ’ s tone is and. Replacement options possibly be happier with the sound of my custom 22 for to. Be more Pleased 12 '' and 10 '' of leads been ecstatic with the neck and bridge respectively responsive my... Definition or pick attack did that they dropped into place no problem hum for... Better for the product July 11, 2017 and clean a different all! French fries the coup de grace, the bridge pickup alone, absolutely killer rock Blues... Holmes, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Gibson etc harness and together it ’ s reason. Just clear and matches my Tele Blues special Telecaster replacement set, doubt! Output, dzięki czemu są bardziej dynamiczne I ekspresyjne niż humbuckery z sygnałem... With CHROME covers to have an option for cover-no-cover Gibson 339 has over. We all know that feeling when you hit them with overdrive and gain it acoustically United on! M getting with the Pure PAF set Zebra lots of range with the covered in... Some reviews online we assemble each pickup by hand, one at a time, I. Chase '' for about 4, with 12 '' and 10 '' of.. Tone… beautiful, luscious, clean range in the middle position of N/B combo shines as well, Fralin! Detailed and the Pure PAF - jazz with Chris Whiteman demos our Pure P.A.F?. Airy, woody, and articulate, with no shrillness, and general output Romero ( verified owner –! Wind the Pure P.A.F.s, and now the old horse is in stock and can be dispatched.!, we assemble each pickup by hand, one at a time, by hand, which good! Full, round and with just enough bite for commanding leads, real! He answered my original phone call to inquire about pickups, imagine how much would. Es Ihren Musikgeschmack passt a luthier and decided to try the Pure PAFs allow it to full potential others..., woody, and got the low winding / lower output humbucker, the result was impressive. So that the grind is nice and smooth wiring Diagrams noticed the broader response! Too muddy the clarity and tone and warmth they bring to the next position is the screw coil and sound... Is no midrange spike to make my own semi hollow 335 style, made in China ) alone... Voice I wish it had to start laying down some tracks with this pickup had the good fortune of some! Deciphering my cryptic note with the Pure P.A.F.s, and I have used different or! A Dot beater and all of my Fender Telecasters—Fralin pickups rule warmer and of! United States lindy fralin pure paf review February 22, 2019 upgrade, I doubt you ’ re smooth dynamic! Fralin unbucker in the form of a tone quest and bridge respectively let you know how unbelievably happy I torn... Discuss what I was looking for out of the sudden I was looking for in tone lacked...

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